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Olga Foraponova

The Dorothy Jayne Studio is located at 2931 Bond Street on the Everett waterfront and opened June 28, 2004 with a ballroom extravaganza and dance camp organized and directed by Olga Foraponova, former U.S. Ballroom Champion, World Dance Finalist, PBS performer and First Citizen of Russia.

In addition to Olga's competition and social dance programs - "OLY'S!" - other features of The Dorothy Jayne Studio have been created. The Dorothy Jayne Studio has theatrical ballroom lighting designed in cooperation with Pacific Northwest Theatrical Associates (PNTA). With the assistance of Richard Eaks (Puget Sound Video) a sound and video recording studio has been created within the dance studio. Finally, The Dorothy Jayne Studio has added Live Web Casting of Studio events - such as the fastastic Halloween Costume Party 10-31-05. Professional Studio photography by Eli J Medellin.

The creation of The Dorothy Jayne Studio would not have been possible without the work of Dr. Sanford Wright, and also the interest and support of Hill Street Investment.

Olga Foraponva was born in Russia about 30 miles away from Moscow. Since she was seven she started training at a gymnastic school. Olga's dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast was derailed by a painful back injury, so she turned her competitive spirit and years of intensive athletic training to dance. By the time Olga was 19 she and her dance partner were well organized in the Ural mountain region. Olga went on to earn her bachelor's degree, studying choreography, ballet, and folk dancing in addition to ballroom dancing.

Olga began competing professionally in Moscow. She and her Russian Professional partner became Grand Finalists in the Soviet National Championships of 1989 and 1990. Olga moved to America in 1992. Within a few years Olga has gotten many national and international titles, including National Professional American Smooth Champion - twice - and her dancing was shown on the national PBS show, "Championship Ballroom Dancing." Olga was also a two time finalist in the world Showdance in Germany.

For those interested in Olga's wonderful competition and social dance programs contact the Studio (425 257 0102) or Olga (cell 425 750 4313). For more information about Olga, The Dorothy Jayne Studio or Studio related activities or business see links below.
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The Everett Neurological Center 2320 Rucker Ave. Everett, Wa. 98201. Sanford Wright MD, Jim Potocsnak PA-C (Private Practice, Everett 26 years).

Marc Mayberg MD, David Newell MD, Greg Foltz MD, Joe Eskridge MD (Seattle Neuroscience Specialists; Seattle Neuroscience Institute)

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Mayor Ray Stephanson welcomes Olga and "The Dorothy Jayne Studio" to Everett.



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